It started in a dream

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Less is more

I love the simplicity & modernism in design. The simple has calmness atmosphere that inspires me in everyday life. 


My vision is to create community for couples to access ideas, inspiration & services in one place


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It started in a dream

I started this business from a dream I had. I love that I got into wedding designs because I love helping people planning their dream wedding and that I can be part of their day somehow. 

I want to help people at any budget planning their wedding. My vision is that everyone should afford beautiful designs & that's what I'm offering. 


If I tell you more about my dream then it was a sunday morning in January 2020 when I woke up with this idea (yes 15 minutes before COVID). I had been helping a friends to plan their designs since I was already offering graphic design services. I asked them if they wanted a website and I was researching how to do it the cheapest way since having a website is quite expensive & not everyone knows how to make one. Then BOOM I got idea to offer website services for weddings under a domain that describes and that's why I name it "Save our Date" I felt it would be more about the couple by inviting with "our" instead of "the" in "save the date" which everyone knows is wedding related. 

With time I learned that couples not only want a website but stationary printed designs that will help to create beautiful atmosphere in their wedding and I totally get it and love it. Then my ideas expanded and now I offer diverse services which I love.

Hope to see my design in your wedding.

With love,

​Ása Bergmann