Open minded concept

What I love about products is when it's personalised and adjusted to the customers needs. We cannot all like the same stuff and therefore it has driven me to create Bergmann Studio.

— Vision

To build personalised and flexible
designs for every occations.

— Mission

To help people to create beautiful
designs for their moments in life.

— Values

To adjust & create big
moments in peoples lives


I design with less complication & accessability in mind.

Ása Bergmann
Founder & designer

Long story short

From young age I was inspired by my environment. I loved growing up surrounded by mountains in a small village in Eastern part of Iceland but I knew the world was big and wanted to explore living abroad and that's what I did. I moved to Denmark in 2015 and has been here ever since.

My vision is to inspire and help other people to create beauty around them. I started Bergmann Studio with posters design in 2019, since then I've expanded and offering more product segments for other moments in live.

In january 2020, just right before COVID19 took over I had a dream about wedding designs and like many other times I take my dreams as a sign. I started building designs with flexibility and that my customers can have access to it to build it themeselves, find their creativity and playing along with the templates. Living abroad have teach me that online is possible and I could offer designs without boarders.

We are not stuck in a box and that has driven me to create the flexibility modern people seek today. Modern designs for every occations and lifestyle. Decoration of your beautiful home, designs for your wedding og baptism, CV for your dream job or just stationary printables to make your day more organised.

I'm working along my design studio as freelance designer where I help business owners to create branding designs. My speciality is branding & brand design. In my projects I design logos, Brand identity, brand . concepts, websites, campaign materials, magazines and much more.

In my freetime I love taking a long walk with my dog Flóki, spend time with my boyfriend and stepson, rollerskating & doing nothing. I love coffee, italian food & cake.

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