Hello & welcome to my design and wedding blog. I will be writing about my work, ideas & just about anything that comes to my mind connected to design and creativity. First of all, my name is Ása Bergmann and I’m Icelandic designer living in Denmark. I love out on the land with my danish/Faroese boyfriend, his 8 year old boy and our dog Flóki. I love everything about design, art & creativity. I enjoy using my time with my friends & family, walking with my dog, spending time in the nature and kayaking. Meeting new people gives me energy, inspires me and help me to keep focus.

I grew up surrounded by mountains in small fjord in east part of Iceland in a town called Seyðisfjörður. I grew up learning to work hard, be independent, play, be grateful & do what I love. I was active child, played football, coloured a lot in my colouring books, played with my barbie dolls and collected Spice Girls images. Then I became teenager, forgot everything about creativity but then suddenly I moved to Denmark at age 26 and became design student. I graduated as Retail Designer with best results I could imagine for my environmental hair salon and I was inspired by the hair brand KEVIN.Murphy. The project was challenging and awesome - it taught me to drink coffee, be organised and creative.

I started Bergmann Studio few months back when I lost my job in danish kitchen company. It was hard to wait for job opportunity so I started to create. First I was offering only posters and my heat protective Studio Mats. Then early 2021 I had a dream about I was doing wedding designs and then I started the wedding designs.

Additionally I offer design for businesses to create designs such as logos, marketing materials or websites. Check out my portfolio here. Contact me if you want to work together.

Ása Bergmann